Money Management
At Its Simplest

using a
that only requires your
time and effort
taking only minutes of your time.

What’s MoneySlinger?

Well, let’s start here with #1:

If you were going to beat a
dead horse; you could not find one
more beat – or more dead –
then “money management”.

Just the term
“money management” could
mean a 100 different things to
a 100 different people and why it
can be a seemingly confusing subject,
so let’s start with the following:

MoneySinger; is everything
every other online personal & family
budgeting program you’re
familiar with – is not.

It’s not a bank account reconciler,
and it’s not a wealth manager.

And for good reason.

What it is instead,
is a “cashflow” manager.

You may not understand the
difference now, but you should?


Because your “cashflow” is the
thing that no one is paying
attention to – but should –
because it’s the ROOT CAUSE of
all money management’s
so-called “problems”.

That are not problems at all – but the
many symptoms of one, single problem.

That’s the random chaos of your
“cashflow over time”, that effects
everything that has to do with the time and
effort it takes you to “account”
for your money day in and day out.

To simply state that random and chaotic
cashflow is the reason for your random and
chaotic money management tasks.


Before you go any farther, and
attempt to judge MoneySlinger based on
your knowledge of traditional “zer0-based”
money management systems,
please understand the following:

This is outside the box of
traditional “zero-base” budgeting.

Regardless of what you’re looking
for, or want, or like – or don’t like –
in a “budgeting program”; understand
that all this is subjective and you’re also
comparing apples and oranges.

To the contrary, one’s thoughts
and feelings make absolutely
no difference in the performance or
outcome of the time and energy savings
you’ll experience with Moneyslinger.


The above reduction in time and
effort is impossible to accomplish
using traditional zero-based methods,
because you’re constantly battling
your random and uncontrolled cashflow.

Because each week/month is different.

Instead of it being more the
same each week/month.

This is because MoneySlinger
is an “average-based” cashflow
system that directly addresses
the “problem” of random cashflow,
otherwise called “variability”.

Be aware, as you read on you may
instinctively not like the idea of opening
an extra bank account, or two, because
you think it’s more work.

But when combined with the new
calcs and the new process, it will take you
to a place of control and ease you never
knew you could get to in your
financial management efforts.

This place is the virtual “fingersnap” along
with a sense of “knowing where you are”
financially at all times that is quite empowering.


Take a look at the type of comments from
people on each side of this page.

These are all people who failed
traditional zero-based money management,
in their own words, and many of which
were even using the original “The B Word”
that was a simple spreadsheet.

To point out: it’s not about the tech.

There is no amount of tech
that can overcome the deficiencies
of zero-based budgeting.

You will find none faster
or more efficient – or more
enlightening – then MoneySlinger.

It just takes a few moments
of thinking outside the box.

And start connecting the
dots and putting things in place;
that’s when you “get it”, as you can
see by many of these testimonials.

There is nothing else that can even get close.

Your Money, Over the Course of Time, is Your “Cashflow”

MoneySlinger’s aim – like no other,
is to systemize your cashflow.

That means stabilizing the money that’s
randomly coming in and out of your life
on different schedules before you
attempt to manage anything.

And we do this by “averaging”.

By doing so, it allows you to reach the
utmost pinnacle of financial control
and oversight by simply managing:

using a
that only requires your
time and effort
takes only minutes of your time.

Super Fast, Boringly Efficient
and Profoundly Empowering

The same 4 FIGURES.
The same TIME each month.


This is repetition…and repetition
soon becomes nearly a subconscious
act, just like all other acts you do
repeatedly each day without
thinking about them

Free Yourself Now from the Burden
You’re Being Told You Must Bear


You’re killing yourself!

Forget the bank logins.
Forget where every penny goes.

You can even forget most of your tracking.

Forget everything you think you “know” about
money management – and start over –
by asking yourself:

Am I managing my money?
Or is my money managing me?

The fact is, with MoneySlinger,
you’ll automate these decisions and
tasks to the point of
making them nearly invisible.

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Just do what it says, and it’ll happen
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The same 4 FIGURES.
The same TIME each month.


Turn dreaded money management into
a brainless finger snap…and leave what
you used to do in the dust.


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