~ L E V E L  3 ~

Mastering Time

1. A Bird’s Eye View of Time

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As if the variability and disorder of income and expense figures were not enough to struggle with your entire life, there is the fact that we must do it while living in two different, mathematically incompatible worlds of man-made TIME ~ weeks and months.

We have 365 days a year that are divided into 12 months, but not evenly, as the amount of days in each month fluctuate all year long, and if you take that same year and divide it into nice, even 7 day weeks, it gives you 52 weeks ~ with an extra day left over (7 x 52 = 364). Go figure.

When we attempt to overlay those 52 weeks on top of those 12 months, you’ll find that approximately 4.33 weeks falls inside a month, but because the amount of days inside a month fluctuate, this fractional weekly amount varies each month too with some months actually containing 5 full weeks.

Together, these two independent worlds of time create mathematical chaos all year long.

2. One Foot in Each World

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This problem come to light when your INCOME most likely arrives on a weekly or bi-weekly timeline while all your EXPENSES are due on the monthly timeline. The disorder and mathematical incompatibility of this incoming and outgoing cashflow guarantees a winding road ahead, or a road that’s NEVER THE SAME.

It’s why when you get paid at the beginning of one month, your car payment might be due in 6 days, then you get paid the beginning of the next month and your car payment is now due in 3 days, and then you get paid again at the beginning of the third month and your car payment is due ~ yesterday. It’s because you’re attempting to control your financial life with one foot in each world.

But to be clear, the problem is not just weeks and months ~ it’s again variability in general, and the winding road it forces us to maneuver as every, day, week and month hold a variety of new TIME and MONEY riddles for you to overcome.

You may be self employed and have no steady income figures or schedule. This makes for greater variability in your life and a greater need for it to be addressed.

Wouldn’t it be nice to overcome this disorder once and for all, and never have to deal with it again? Well you can.

3. You’re Not In Kansas Anymore

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As you know now, MoneySlinger is built to discover your running averages over time in order for you to see through variability ~ and this insight changes all the rules of money management and opens up a whole new world.

What you thought you couldn’t do before, you can now, by acknowledging that the dynamics of your cashflow has changed dramatically at this point and understanding what it means.

If you recall from LEVEL 2, you’ve PREDETERMINED your total average FIXED and FLEXIBLE expenses for each month, and are now making dedicated deposits to cover all your expenses ~ for the month ahead.

This means again, you’re essentially PREPAYING all your expenses because you already know what they’re going to be, and you’ve already PREPAID yourself with “what’s  left” as well, and so you already know what that’s going to be.

What does all this really mean? It means you’ve completely set yourself up financially for the month ahead. It means you’re in front of your cashflow.

It means ~ you’re really in control, with almost the snap of your fingers.

4. Both Feet in One World

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With MoneySlinger, you’re now able to disconnect multiple worlds of “competing” time and buffer yourself from the incoming chaos and the natural disorder it constantly creates in your life.

Consider that since you’ve financially set yourself up for the month ahead, any income you receive during this same time period is not needed until the following month, which means whatever schedule(s) your income(s) may come in on ~ is irrelevant.

Consider again the empowered position you’re in. You can now hold new income to the side for a moment, and bring it into your life in a controlled, synchronized manner on any time schedule that benefits you the most.

What schedule might that be?

Well, if you’re already consolidating and averaging your expenses monthly, why not consolidate your time too by putting your INCOME SCHEDULE on the very same time schedule as your monthly EXPENSE SCHEDULE? Now you can bring money into your life and put it in its place ~ with one masterful stroke that will set you up financially again for the month ahead.

(Note that a monthly schedule is the most stable schedule all year long, as actual expenses are due on the very same DATE each month, regardless of what DAY of the week it is or even how many days in the month there are, and it stays the same year to year.)


Instead of stumbling though life struggling with financial disorder that’s infinitely variable and forever “out of time”, you’re CONSOLIDATING, AVERAGING and SYNCHRONIZING all your incoming and outgoing cashflow ~ “in time”.

It means your mental calculation and decision making has been reduced to a mere fraction of what it once was, while at the same time, giving you a profound sense of control and understanding you could never achieve before with traditional money management efforts.

Now that you understand what the goal of MoneySlinger is, and what MoneySlinger is working to do, it’s time to understand how to create your Master Plan.