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Cruise Control & Mastery

using a
that only requires your time and effort
that can take as little as
30 minutes of your time.*


How Do You Increase a Level of Skill?

Consider if every time you managed your money over your life, you instead were actually practicing an instrument.

Consider your skill and accomplishment level when you first started learning that instrument, and then consider what your skill and accomplishment level would be today with a comparable amount of time and energy that you’ve been investing in managing your money to date.

Do you think your money management skills and level of accomplishment currently, are comparable to where you would be if you were practicing and learning an instrument?

 Hardly. It’s a physical impossibility.


Skill comes from practicing the same thing over and over. When you put down an instrument and pick it back up again a few days later, all the notes are in the exact same place. You simply pick up learning where you left off, and with each effort, continue to advance in knowledgable that eventually leads to control and mastery of that instrument.

In short, you advance your skill level, to a point where you can accomplish so much more, with less and less little effort.

Ask yourself: are your financial circumstance the same when you attempt to make your car payment every month? Hardly.

All the knowledge and wisdom you gained in the financial decision you worked out and overcame the previous  time, are useless the next.

You’re essentially starting over ~ every time.

What’s the Benefit of Mastery?

Reaching mastery of anything takes conscious focus and calculation, but once learned, takes little effort.

The benefit of mastery is you
can now accomplish all that you’ve
accomplished before with
little conscious effort.

When your financial road is straight and consistent — meaning the same, you can cruise at high speed with only two mental fingers on the wheel, requiring only an occasional, gentle nudge to the left or right, while reaching your financial destination in a fraction of time.

We’re not talking just paying your bills here. With MoneySlinger, that’s now become a brainless finger snap using a single, manageable figure and a deposit slip.

With MoneySlinger, you’re operating at a much higher level.

With your new insight, and your mind now free from everything you had to focus and refocus on before ~ which had everything to do with “today”, your time and effort can now be set on mastery of “tomorrow” and on your future, and that means financial planning for what’s ahead & goal setting.