~ I N T R O D U C T I O N ~

What’s An Orange Taste Like?

How a Personal Budget Works & personal budget software



You don’t really need to read this.

Just start a free trial, follow the directions, and your
money management tasks will be reduced to
4 figures, 1 calculation, twice a month.

But if you want to understand the mathematical science
behind this method…please read on.


Why the Orange?

It would take a lot of words to attempt to fully explain what an orange tastes like…and you still wouldn’t really know, until you tasted it.

So goes it with MoneySlinger and the lessons that follow.

The point?

Most of what’s explained here ~ mathematically just happens inside the program ~ and it happens quickly and easily and you can just ignore it.

Regardless, it’s explained in full detail here, to give mathematical reason to why you’re doing what you’re doing when you start your MoneySlinger worksheets and set up your cashflow process, and may help you be more creative in your efforts to automate and streamline your own personal cashflow system.

And of course, if you’re actually using MoneySlinger, you would have the chance to experience the relative finger snap that cannot be explained in words here.

That feeling is the uncanny feeling you’re missing something, or you’re not doing something you should to be doing ~ except for the fact ~ that you aren’t missing anything. You’re actually accomplishing everything you did before with little effort, and then far more.

So let’s get started.